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CAPDA is deliberately a small organisation. Rather than casting a wide net we have chosen instead to offer targeted, hands-on support for the disability sector in Moshi, Kilimanjaro Region, and Dar es Salaam.

By providing education and training for local disability workers and carers we are able to make measurable and sustainable improvements in the lives of children with disabilities. Therapists and community rehabilitation workers take their knowledge and skills out into the community.

CAPDA has been working with partner organisations in Tanzania for more than a decade, supporting dozens of projects, and providing training to hundreds of families, carers and therapists. In this time we have been gratified by the support of many individuals, the Australian Government aid program, and generous corporate donors.

We are respected by our partners in Tanzania for our integrity and steadfast commitment to improving outcomes. 

Even though the changes were difficult to accept in the beginning, now every (university trained) therapist here admits that the CAPDA training brought a huge change in their practice. For example, one therapist said ‘there was a time I had just a few things in my toolbox, but now from the training there is a lot I can do.’

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