Locally made wheelchairs


With a generous grant from Universal Charitable Fund (UCF) CAPDA enabled EPT, one of our local partner organisations, to set up a small technical workshop on their clinic site to begin manufacturing and repairing wheelchairs.

Outsourcing wheelchair manufacturing can be cumbersome, time-consuming and costly.  At the same time, receiving a wheelchair can literally change a person’s life!

A spinal cord injury client had his first taste of independence a few weeks ago.  His wheelchair was measured and built in the EPT workshop within a week. The design suits the local terrain. Ongoing repairs will be a fact of life to prolong the life of a wheelchair in this harsh environment.

Clients are asked to contribute a small amount for their wheelchairs, yet the true cost is covered by generous donors. 

To read more about UCF and their work, visit https://ucf.org.au