AusAID Australia-Africa Community Grants Scheme (AACGS)

In May we received welcome news – the AusAID application we’d made in November 2012 for development project funds was successful! This grant of $75,000, augmented by CAPDA fundraising, will support local action from now until October 2014 to:

  1. Build local disability workforce capacity through seminars for day care workers, courses for community rehabilitation workers and specialist skills development for paediatricians and surgical nurses.
  2. Build family and community capacity through engagement in community gardens, chicken and goat projects; vocational training for young people with disabilities; and action to increase community awareness of disability issues.
  3. Build disability organisation capacity to manuafacture, supply and maintain disability aids; plan income-generating projects and services for future sustainability; and build strategic partnerships for funding training and advocacy.

Local action in each of these areas is already well underway.