CAPDA’s new community partners in Tanzania

In recent months and with the support of our recent AACGS grant, we have added to our disability organisation partners in the Kilimanjaro Region. Our original partnership with BCC (Building a Community Care) and more recent partnership with CCBRT (Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation and Treatment) continue to grow.

Our new partners are small disability organisations with limited resources for whom CAPDA’s support for their priority projects can make a significant difference.

Gabriella Centre

Funds raised by Music for Moshi  in January 2013 (link to story) have provided tables, chairs, bunk beds and mattresses, cupboards, garden hose and sprinkler, a goat shed and goats in residence. The simple grant of garden watering equipment has enabled Gabriella Centre to produce its first surplus of vegetables to sell at market. The AACGS grant will deliver a carpentry start-up kit and other vocational training materials.


As part of the Beach Energy sponsorship six wheelchairs were provided. The AACGS grant will enable a chicken project, development of a community garden and support for vocational training with knitting machines and beading materials.

Tumaini Centres (Naibili and Sanya Juu)

Through CAPDA fundraising these relatively new centres have been supported with basic set-up materials and equipment and development of a community garden in one centre. The AACGS grant will deliver carpentry start-up tools and vocational training supplies for both centres, a second community garden and a chicken project for one centre.