Oscar’s story

Oscar stole the heart of Sara, Capda’s Program Manager in Tanzanaia. Here is part of his story:

Oscar is 7 years old living in Kibosho in a family of 5 children including him. He is smart, and can communicate well… He wants to know everybody and what they are doing. He also wants to go to school. When he received his chair. He suddenly changed, he became shy. I think he realized what he can do from now! He then said “I will go to school, I will learn and become a doctor”

Indeed in July Oscar held a pencil for the first time (see photo) and his mother can now take him to school.



Thank You

CAPDA would like to thank everyone who supported its work in Moshi over the last year.

A growing number of Australian individuals and organisations have made generous donations to support disabled communities in Tanzania.

Fundraising events have ranged from school casual clothes days to church fairs. St Chad’s Anglican church (Fullarton, South Australia)  and its community continue to support CAPDA, and one enterprising group is knitting squares to make blankets for the children, who often lack even the most basic necessities. Another group has arranged a private concert, with CAPDA to receive part of the proceeds from ticket sales.

If you have any suggestions for fundraising, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!